Friday, December 3, 2010

Fruit Trifle

I Love this!

If u love Fruits, cakes, custard, or simply desserts, you gonna drool over this one! I too did. I saw the pic of this recipe on my friend's facebook profile pic and i fell in love with it. Ofcourse i wanted to know how she made it and she did tell me. Thank you soo much Ayesha for this :)

I made this for my elder bro's birthday last month and we all finished it in a matter of few mins!! A perfect dessert after a heavy meal. Fruit trifle.. here you come!

Things needed:

A sponge cake
Tinned pineapple- 1
A Chocolate bar
Whipped cream
Vanilla custard ( i used half litre milk for the custard)
Strawberries ( For the topping)
Tutti frutti & Cherries ( Topping)


1. Slice the sponge cake horizontally into two parts. Soak both the parts in the pineapple syrup till It is completely soaked. ( from the tinned pineapple). Best to use fresh pineapple juice.

2. In a dessert bowl, spread one of the layers of the cake. Spread a layer of whipped cream. Add small chunks of pineapple.

3. Add a layer of custard after this.

4. Add chopped apples and pomegranate ( optional but i did it and it added to the awesomeness) ;)

5. Next, Place the second layer of soaked cake and once again spread another layer of whipped cream.

6. Repeat the custard and fruits layer if u have it remaining. Top it with a layer of whipped cream again.

7. Now to deck it up. Try to be as creative as you can. Here, I first sprinkled grated Kit kat chocolate bars and topped it with cherries and tutti frutti, since i could not get strawberries!

Till date, this has been my favourite dessert and my siblings just cant get enough of it! Nor do i ;) I love trifles and if any one of you know any such mesmerizing trifle recipes, Plzzzzzzzzzzzzz do let me know! Till then happy drooling ;)


  1. Omg, wat a irresistible fruit trifle, very tempting..

  2. very very beautiful... you make a cool dessert all the more appetizing by your presentation... always a crowd pleaser!

    US Masala

  3. I have made it 3 times and since it is very fattening I have stopped making it.. u clicks are wonderful;..tempting ones Mehnaz..

  4. Very very tempting dessert,looks delectable.

  5. Yummy yummy dessert :) love it totally :) I'm drooling right now :)

  6. Looks so so delicious and i am drooling.. just finished m trifle and again i am tempted...By the way U have wonderful space. Keep going.

  7. Thanks ALOT everybody!:) Ur comments mean so much to me! Thanks!

  8. This looks delicious and what a pretty presentation :) I will make this this coming weekend...something to look forward to :)

  9. thank you for linking it to the event it is delicious done beautiful colour

  10. Looks so gorgeous and yummy. I wish I could have a scoop. Thank you for linking this delicious trifle with Any One Can Cook.

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