Sunday, February 13, 2011

I have been BUSY!!!


My last post was on Jan 27th!!! - Sad part!

My visa interview has been scheduled for Feb 15th - AWESOME part! ;)

So yeah i have been so very busy with my preparations for the interview and to fly to NY, which calls for trips to Chennai , medicals, shopping, shopping and more SHOPPING! I just came back frm Chennai a day back and guess what, i am leaving to Chennai again tomorrow morning! I am so tired of traveling, Phew!

I miss blogging but yes this phase is very important for me so i am leaving no stone unturned ;)  I need your prayers Friends, so that i may clear my interview and have a safe journey to NY and join my hubby and in-laws! Please pray for me and wish me all the luck in living a ''Happy Married life'', Insha'Allah ;)

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