Sunday, February 13, 2011

I have been BUSY!!!


My last post was on Jan 27th!!! - Sad part!

My visa interview has been scheduled for Feb 15th - AWESOME part! ;)

So yeah i have been so very busy with my preparations for the interview and to fly to NY, which calls for trips to Chennai , medicals, shopping, shopping and more SHOPPING! I just came back frm Chennai a day back and guess what, i am leaving to Chennai again tomorrow morning! I am so tired of traveling, Phew!

I miss blogging but yes this phase is very important for me so i am leaving no stone unturned ;)  I need your prayers Friends, so that i may clear my interview and have a safe journey to NY and join my hubby and in-laws! Please pray for me and wish me all the luck in living a ''Happy Married life'', Insha'Allah ;)



  1. Hey Mehnaaz, Hope u have a successful interview and wishing u a very happy married life ! All the Best

  2. Mehnaaz,I wish you the best for the interview and also wish you a safe flight.Wish you a very happy married life :)!!!!

  3. Hey Mehnaz, All the very best for ur interview..
    Wish u all luck dear..
    N enjoy the shopping as well:-)

  4. Wish u all the very best dear..enjoy shopping and believe me u gonna a successful interview and happy married life for the sure..

  5. All the best mehnaaz... and a happy married life :)

  6. Mehnaz, all the best for your interview and you will join your Husband soon.

  7. All the best dear... Your visa interview would have been over by now and hope it is a happy result...
    Have a safe journey... Nice blog...

  8. Hi Mehnaaz-Wishing you the best for the interview, and all the best for a long married health wealth and happiness.
    I love your Tiramisu cake, so decadent and gorgeous, and the Shish kabob, as we call them, in the previous post is so colorful and delish!

    I posted your blog on my blogroll page, so I will not forget to just click to see what you are up to.
    Welcome back dear!

  9. All the best for your interview and have a safe journey:)


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