Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hello from New York! :)

Alhumdulillah! I have reached NY.

I came here on the 23rd of February and it was such a longggggggggg flight. Mangalore - Bangalore - Dubai - NY. Total travelling time - around 25 hours! But thanks to Emirates, i LOVED the journey :) I had so many options to pass my time that i simply did not feel like i was having such a long flight! The food.. Aaaahh.. So yumm..Movies, flight cameras, tv shows, news, gorgeous air hostesses all kept me occupied. And i guess i was a little xtra lucky coz the other two seats in my row wernt booked and so i had the ENTIRE row to myself. Yawnnnnnn.. what a peaceful sleep i had! Hehe!

The best part was yet to come. The reception i got at the JFK airport was mind blowing! I ofcourse knew my hubby and my in-laws would come to receive me and i was looking forward to see only them. But when i got out of the airport, what do i get to see!! Zuhair - My hubby with a beautiful bouquet, my in-laws, Zuhair's uncles, aunts, cousins, Grandma! Around 15-20 people to receive me at the airport! And each one had a bouquet! My face was burried with the bouquets and all the hugs , kisses and love i was receiving, all of it made me  feel soooooooooo happy! Trust me i did not feel so important even on my wedding day! LMAO! :D

Thanks to the winter here, everyone were packed with sweaters and jackets and i was just in my abaaya ( burqa).  Though i had my sweaters and jackets with me i decided not to wear them cuz i wanted to 'feel' the cold! Hehe. Staying in Mangalore you never know what winters are, so i wanted to feel this. I got out of the airport lounge and Oh my! It was seriously real cold. All kept asking me if i wanted a sweater but i kept on saying no just enjoying the weather. But the car ws parked a little far and as i reached the car i started to shiver cuz of the cool breeze. I quickly got in to the car and sat next to Zuhair. What better warmth can i ever get ;)

I reached home and to my surprise there was another young reception committee waiting for me! Snow sprays, paper crackers, wishes, sweets and gorgeous girls (Zuhair's cousins) with a banner saying - 'Welcome to the Family Mehnaz Bhabhi ' )! I will never forget that day as i was welcomed by each and every member of the family with so much of love and open arms! Maasha'Allah! Let the love remain forever and ever! Aameen!

And since that beautiful day to this day - a week later i have been enjoying every bit of my life here. Ofcourse i do miss India and my family - Nothing can match that - But here is a different country with different people, different lifestyles, food, weather etc etc. Alhumdulillah i am loving every moment here. I pray to Allah (swt) to bless me with good health and patience to help me live a life filled with love, care, happiness and success in this world and the herafter. Aameen! :)


  1. Nice to read you post dear..hugs.

  2. Welcome Naaz to U.S.!! so now u r a part of U.S. bloggers association.. ;) I can understand ur feeling wen u wud have met ur hubby.. Even I had the similar experience..

    I enjoyed reading thru ur post and wish u have a great time in U.S. Also, I didn't understand how come ur post is showing date as Mar 4th.. Check it honey!!

  3. Alhamdulillah, good to know that you had a safe and fun journey and most of all you met all your loved ones . Inshallah may your happiness last for ever just as how you are now, ameen.

  4. Glad to know that are here dear... May you enjoy ur whole life as you are enjoying now ... ameen :)

  5. Happy to hear that u reached there safe...
    Let the Almighty shower you with all pleasures and love...

  6. Welcome to America, my friend:) Glad to hear that your trip was safe and entertaining. I understand the thrill of meeting ur beloved...and that's indeed a warm welcome, am happy for you. Wish you a happy married life, enjoy every bit of it:)

  7. Happy to hear that you had a safe and nice journey. An award awaits you at my blog.

  8. salam ! i have been away from blogging for ages and finally got back to notice your post =)

    Very very happy for you, mashallah. I felt every word you wrote and the welcome must have made you feel all that long journey was worth it right? May you be happy and always remain happy with your loving new family. ameen.

  9. and if you have facebook, let me know. I want to be your new friend in the foreign country. hahah


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