Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I have been tagged!

My childhood friend Prathima Rao tagged me in a series of questions on her blog Prats Corner . It was the first time i was tagged to answer questions and so i was all happy and excited to answer the Q's! Here i am with my answers! Hope this helps you in getting to know me better. :)

1. Who inspired you to cook or bake?

Well, i guess i should say ' My Marriage' inspired me to cook ! LOL! I got married early this year and before that i was always busy with my studies, family and friends. I did have an interest in cooking but dint exactly spend time in the kitchen. But yeah once i got married, i knew i HAD to develop my culinary skills and that is how i got cooking ;) The food bloggers played a real big role in inspiring me to cook because i got to know people like me who did not know much of cooking, doing some amazing dishes. And If i have to name persons i guess i will mention my Ammi and my hubby.

To inspire me to bake - It would definitely be my younger sis. She LOVES cakes, pastries and the like. So i started baking to heed to her requests! And i am so glad she got me baking. otherwise i don't think i would bake any cakes coz..psst psst.. i WAS a lil scared of baking. But now all is well :)

2. What is your take on organic food? Is it a big deal for you?

Organic food.. Ah its still something which i haven't given importance to. Probably in the future i might, but right now not a big deal!

3. You try a new recipe and it does not turn out good, What will you do?

Obviously, i would feel a lil sad if it does not turn out the way i expected, but then if it was something that went wrong because of my mistakes, i would definitely try again, but if its not liked by anyone of us at home, i would never try it again ;)

4. Do you have a new years resolution - and would you be sticking to it?

Well, New year always comes with a lot of enthusiasm for each one of us. We always wish to do much better than we did in the previous years. And i am no exception. I do make resolutions every year but i end up fulfilling just a bit of every resolution. For 2011 i would love to make resolutions AND stick to them! I intend to learn ALOT of cooking in the coming year and since i am going to join my hubby and in-laws in New York in January, i wish to please their taste buds every single time i cook. I wish to learn a lot of North Indian cooking from my Mom-in-law and hope to teach her my south Indian cooking. Wish me luck folks ;)

5. Do you time your breakfast, lunch and dinner or eat when you are hungry?

Ummm.. For my family, i would time the meals accordingly but for myself i choose the latter :p
Actually much depends on the menu too. If its something that i drool over, i eat it ON TIME, actually.. before time :p But if its something that i do not like, i would postpone my meal to the maximum time and eat it when my Ammi's patience levels comes down totally and i get a earful! :p This usually happens during breakfast coz lunch and dinner we make it a point to have it together. I LOVE it when the whole family is together for meals.

6. Name three ingredients you consciously avoid or eliminate even when the recipe calls for it. 

Mushrooms, MSG ( Ajinomoto), Lemon Rind.

7. Name three things you have to use in most of the recipes.

I love using cumin seeds usually. I love the aroma it brings in. And i love Ginger garlic paste and yeah onions usually are a must for me.

Now lets get the tag rolling ;) I wish to pass on the questions to 5 of my blogger friends. And they are..

1. Fezi of Kitchen Boffin
2. Ms. Chitchat from chitchat@crossroads
3. Tahemeem from Tahemeem's Blog
4. Ayeesha from Taste of pearl city
5.Akheela from Torview


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  1. hey mehnaz, thank you so much for tagging me.. it was nice to know more about you.. keep rocking..


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