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Qubani ka Meetha / Apricot compote

Qubani - This name reminds us of Hyderabad ALWAYS! Hyderabadis are known for their love for sweets. No Hyderabadi meal can ever be complete without the finishing touch of 'meetha' (sweet). One of the hot favourites is the `Qubani Ka Meetha`. This sweet Temptation is served at most Hyderabadi restaurants. This dessert can be served with fresh cream, custard or even vanilla ice-cream which will be appreciated by all palates. This dessert is an essential part of any wedding feast in the city. The best part is that this recipe can be easily made at home too.

My Ammi learnt this from one of my aunt and she makes it just like how a hyderabadi would make it to perfection. We make it usually on Eid and my neighbors and cousins just wait for us to serve this every single time!! Yesterday we had a party at home for one of my cousin who loves this sweet, so we made it for her and this time i made it! ;) And it tasted awesome like always! It is simple yet a rich sweet dish which will definitely be loved by all :)

The soaked seeds on the right and when it is de-seeded on the left

Dried whole Apricots - 200 gms
Sugar - 1 cup ( You can add more as per your taste buds)
Fresh cream - 100 ml

1.Wash and soak the dried apricots overnight with surplus water so that the water covers them by about 2-3 inches. The next day, slit the sides of the swelled up apricots to remove their seeds and keep them aside.

2. Put the slit apricots into a large thick bottom pan with the soaking liquid. Let it cook on medium heat for about 45 minutes or until the apricots are cooked very well. Keep stirring in between. Add more hot boiling water if needed.

3. Meanwhile, crack open the apricots kernels and soak the badam/ nuts in a cup of water to loosen their skin.

4. Once the apricots are cooked real well and the consistency is fairly thick, add sugar and keep stirring for sometime.

5. Taste for sugar and add in more if needed or else just switch off the heat and allow it to cool.

6. Remove the skin of the soaking apricot nuts or badam. This should be pretty easy as they have been soaking.

7. Garnish with the badam/nuts and serve it chilled topped with fresh thick cream, custard or a generous dollop of vanilla ice cream.

This is an instant hit whenever it is made, so do try it out! I am sure every one will keep asking for more ;)

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  1. Dish looks yummy and delicious
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  2. Very yummy dessert...Wishing you a very happy new year!!!

  3. Mouthwatering dessert,Happy New Year to you

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  7. This is a good one ! Bookmarked !! Have a Great 2011 !!

  8. wow that was really superb...

  9. Wishing you and ur family a happy and prosperous new tempting qubani ka meetha..

  10. Such beautiful pictures! I bet this was super tasty as well!
    Have a great n prosperous 2011!!

    US Masala

  11. very tasty looking dish...wonderful..

  12. Must be an authentic sweet, looks very yummy. Thank you for linking with Any One Can Cook.

  13. seems very tempting.. Can we reduce the amount of sugar in it ??..


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