Monday, January 3, 2011

Thank You! :)

My first event at Chef Naaz - The Mistress of Spices came to an end with the end of 2010. I am glad that my love for trifles has grown deeper, thanks to the entries which i got for my Trifle Event .

I want to thank my blogger friends who sent me their gorgeous trifle entries and all those who sent in their good wishes. As a token of my appreciation, please do take this participation certificate from me.

I would love to pass it on to the following bloggers who sent me their entries and made my event delicious! ;) You can see the round up of the event below :) Enjoy!

1. Nithya from 4th Sense Cooking- Triple Trifle

2. Reshmi from Rasoi the kitchen- Banana Trifle

4. Ramya from Hot from my oven - Chocolate Cherry Trifle


5. Aipi from US Masala - Cherry Trifle

6. Prathima from Prats Corner - Fruit Trifle

7. Tamanna from Dazzling Kitchen - Strawberry Lemon curd Trifle

8. Veena from Veg Junction - Black Forest Trifle

Thanks to you Friends, i have now learnt 10 Trifle recipes!! :D :D I shall try all of them soon and post them on my blog! :)



  1. lovely roundup---feast for the eyes literally ! hope to participate in your future event !

  2. so many fabulous sweets couldn't make one lovely roundup

  3. yummilicious roundup.. Happy New Year Naaz!!

  4. Yummy trifles...soo tempting roundup..

  5. Delicious trifles..wonderful round up.

  6. Nice roundup....all the trifles are droolworthy...

  7. Lovely round up..
    Drooling over the yummm trifles…
    And thanks a bunch for the participation certificate… :-)

  8. All recipes posted look inviting, can't wait to try them!

  9. Oh my God, all those pictures made my mouth water. Super delicious.

  10. Hi... Happy Wednesday, Just stopping by to say hi :) I am your newest follower. Everything looks sooo good!!

    I have some giveaways going on if you're interested, I am trying to boost the entries!! We Don't Have It All Together They are all listed at the top of my page.

  11. Oh MY! those look delish!
    I am a new follower. I hope you will follow me too.


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