Friday, November 5, 2010

Daal tadka

Its the FIRST dish i learnt from my Ammi. :) This Daal Tadka has been a favorite in our house since ever. Anytime ammi says its Daal for lunch today, everyone of us experience a sense of joy within us. Seriously. Some kinda magic it has made on each one of us. So definitely no guesses on why its the first dish i learnt from my mum. So here goes the HAWT favorite recipe of our house!

You will need:

Toor daal   1 cup
Onions        2
Tomatoes    1
Green chillies 3
Turmeric Pdr 1/2 tbsp
Ginger-Garlic Paste 2 tbsp
Coriander Leaves
Salt to taste
Tamarind pulp - 2 tbsp
Red chilli masala- 1 tbsp ( Info given below)

For tempering/ bagaar/tadka:
Oil - 2 tbsp
Mustard seeds- 1/2 tbsp
Cumin seeds/Zeera- 1 tbsp
Garlic cloves - 3

1. Wash the daal and pressure cook it with chopped onions, tomatoes, slit green chillies, coriander leaves, ginger-garlic paste, turmeric powder, salt and 3 cups of water. I usually cook it for 2-3 whistles as i like the consistency to be a little thick ans sometimes it depends upon the daal too. So its better to check after 3 whistles.

2. Once its cooked, take some tamarind and soak it in water and take the pulp out of it and add it to the daal. Now add the red chilli masala and allow it to boil for 2-3 mins. The red chilli masala is one of the masala's which we prepare at home and refrigerate. You can find the method to prepare it here.

3. Heat oil in a pan for tempering. Once its hot, add in the mustard seeds. When it starts to pop, put in the cumin seeds and garlic cloves and let it splutter for a minute.

4. Now add the tempering to the daal and cover it immediately. I love the aroma it gives when its added to the daal. Pure awsumness! :D

And now our delicious daal is ready to be gobbled up! Team it with roti or steamed white rice and if you want a whole meal, have a prawns dish or chicken dish by its side and in no time everything will be vanished! You can trust me on that ;)

Sending this to Priya's CMT and Jagruti's CMT  event  :)


  1. Hi Mehnaz,
    Welcome to the world of blogging. A very good start, lovely recipe. So glad to be the first follower of your blog :)

  2. Hey Ayesha! :)

    Thanku sooo much! You would know how special it is to receive the first comment on our blog! Thanks alot for being my first follower and motivating me! :)Hope this is a good start to a great friendship!

  3. I totally understand when u say hw u look fwd to mom`s dal tadka...Its a special here at home every sat n we all just love it!!Love ur clicks too!!

  4. Thanks alot Prats! And yeah! Mom's food the BEST always! :)

  5. Yummy ... you know ... just give me Tadka Dal and Rice and I'm the happiest guy on the planet.

  6. Yeah Karan! very true! Even i m jz so happy when its Daal tadka and rice!!

  7. Delicious Daal Mehnaz, thanks for sending it to CMT!!
    Can you pls include the link to the My Page and to Jagruti's Event Announcement Page. That way you can spread the word about the Event!!! Thank you


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