Thursday, November 18, 2010

Rice pudding/ Chaawal ka meetha

Eid Al Adha Mubarak to all! :)

This Bakrid was my first Eid without my parents being around, as they are on the holy pigrimage- Hajj! Usually Eid is a time when we are all happy and excited, but this time though we were happy, we missed our parents ALOT! But when we think about the amazing time they are having on their pilgrimage, we feel sooo happy for them and pray that all their worship and dua's are accepted and pray that everyone gets a chance to do their hajj, Insha'Allah!

Its Eid and how can we not make a sweet dish on this special day! Alhumdulillah ours is a big family and we have guests coming over to our house from dawn to dusk! Maasha'Allah! So i had to think of a sweet dish which every single person would love! From elders to kids. And the Rice pudding came to my mind! It is such a simple but delicious dish which absolutely everyone loves. So here's how i made it.

You will need:

Rice ( We use Pulao rice) : 100 gms
Milk : 1 litre
Sugar : 1 cup ( or as your sweet tooth demands) :p
Almonds : 8-10
Pistachios- slivered or roughly chopped : 1/4 cup

How we make it:

1. Wash and soak the pulao rice for 10 minutes.
2. Soak the almonds in hot water for few minutes so that it can be peeled off easily.
3. Grind pulao rice till you get a coarse paste. It should neither be too thick nor too thin.
4. Grind the almonds to a thick paste.
5.Boil the milk with the grinded pulao rice and stir it till it boils. Make sure you keep stirring it all the while.
6.Add sugar and almond paste when it starts to boil.
7.Take it off from heat and allow it to cool down.
8.After half an hour, refrigerate it.
9.Before you serve, garnish it with Pistachios and make others drooooooool over it. ;)

Sending it to Akheela's Event on Torview toronto!


  1. Eid Mubarak!!! And thats a really happy news that ur parents are on Hajj...
    Yummy kheer by the way....

  2. Jazakallahu khaira :) Yeah Alhumdulillah they had a wonderful time at hajj and r gonna be back Insha'Allah on sunday!

  3. Hey, nice to have your blog have amazing collections and i loved em.


  4. Hi,

    The rice pudding looks very tempting...Love sweets...Visit me when you find time dear!!:)


  5. @ Shabs:

    Thank u soo much! M glad i came across ur blog too! Loved it totally! Maasha'Allah!


    Thank you! :) I did see ur blog now.. lovely space u got der!

  6. Chawal ka Meetha looks delicious! Glad to discover your blog.

  7. thank you for linking
    looks wonderful

  8. Assalamualaikum wa Rahmatullah Mehnaz. You have an amazing Space Masha Allah! Love all your recipes and the pics too. Btw, I am glad I found it only two days ago:)


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