Thursday, November 4, 2010

Its the Beginning!

Bismillah-irrahman-nirraheem ( In the name of Allah, the most beneficent, the most merciful)

A very warm Welcome to YOU and me to this tiny winy part of cooking in this BIG world wide web of recipes. Like each one of you, i love cooking too, NOW. If i go two years back into my life, i would probably say that i just love hogging, coz that's what i used to do! But that was coz of my schedules earlier. My studies, college, friends, activities etc etc, never helped me take up cooking as a full time hobby. But now that i am done with my studies AND that i am married ( which is the most impt reason), i have taken up cooking as a full fledged occupation! LOL! And i am absolutely in love with it! :)

So here i am with my 'Brand new' blog which is a dedication to the person who inspired me to learn cooking- My Ammi- and through this i am gonna learn recipes and share them, create new ways of cooking, experiment with ingredients, play with utensils, share my experiences and overall have a fun filled time in my 'rasoi ghar'! So join me and lets play with flavors in our kitchens! ;)


  1. I liked the way of making Roasted Coconut Masala...
    The coconut used for making this masala should be grated and dried under the sun. For drying the coconut, we usually keep it on our terrace for around 2-3 hours.
    Another dish I would like to make is Dal Tadka.
    Keep up the great work Chef Naaz.

  2. Hey Naaz..

    You never cease to amaze me girl!!! Great efforts Naaz... Enjoyed reading your recipes... Keep it up!! Good luck dear...


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