Friday, November 5, 2010

Roasted Coconut Masala

The coconut used for making this masala should be grated and dried under the sun. For drying the coconut, we usually keep it on our terrace for around 2-3 hours. Its then immediately roasted with a little oil. The most important part in this preparation is that we need to keep stirring it all the time till it turns light brown. Take care so that it doesn't turn very dark because it would then taste sour. Once its roasted then grind it without water, NOT EVEN A DROP OF WATER, in the grinder. It would then make a fine paste and when its done, transfer it into a air-tight container. It should not be a glass or plastic container. We usually store it in a steel container. And unlike all the other masalas, this masala should NOT be refrigerated.

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